How do you decide on one common cocktail when there are four persons in your group? After at concert with the Malmö Symphonic Orchestra (MSO) at their brand new venue Malmö Live we were faced with this challenge. Not too boozy, not too sweet, not too acidic, but still with a unique and enjoyable flavor we settled with four “Amaretto Sours”.

Amaretto is a rather well-known Italian almond liqueur. It obviously has a very nutty flavor, but since it’s a liqueur it’s also very sweet . . . overly sweet in our eyes. Hence mixing it with a lot of fresh lemon juice is the way to enjoy the niceness of the almonds without being overwhelmed by the sugar.

When we make an Amaretto Sour at home we usually add some bourbon to the original recipe. By doing so the cocktail gets more boozy, which we personally like. We find the below proportions optimal:


Amaretto Sour – The strengthened recipe

1,5 oz amaretto

0,75 oz bourbon

1,0 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 barspion (or less) simple syrup

(a small egg white – optional for a nice foam)

Shake all ingredients vigorously and pour over crushed ice or just one big cube of ice.


This is a cocktail likely to please all of those who don’t think they like cocktails and rather just order a beer or a glass of wine in the bar. It’s also the perfect after dinner cocktail, almost substituting dessert because of the Amaretto’s nuttiness.


IMG 0079 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears

IMG 0080 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears


Oh, and about the concert? We had the pleasure of enjoying Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Sergej Prokofiev’s Romeo & Julia suite. Both pieces were really good. The venue, Malmö Live, is a spectacular building housing not the only the concert hall, but also a hotel with a skybar. Directly after the concert, big parts of the audience went up the skybar, making it totally packed. We decided to just take a picture and rather order our Amaretto Sours in the lobby bar.

IMG 0074 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears

IMG 0075 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears
IMG 0077 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears

IMG 3033 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears

IMG 0078 Amaretto Sour   Music to our ears

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