Annabel’s Special Cocktail

by | Feb 19, 2017


This cocktail is from Annabel’s club in London’s Berkeley Square. Annabel’s opened already in 1963 and is supposed to be a very stylish and sophisticated night club and restaurant. We haven’t visited, but trust William Yeoward’s words in his book American Bar%name Annabels Special Cocktail.

And of course Annabel’s have their own bar, and a signature cocktail called Annabel’s Special.

RetroCitrusPress Annabels Special Cocktail

We use a retro lime colored citrus press found in a thrift store, love it.

%name Annabels Special Cocktail


Annabel’s Special Cocktail

0,75 oz benedictine

0,75 oz cointreau

0,75 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz dry vermouth

Shake all ingredients with ice until completely cold. Strain into a cocktail glass.


There is no true base spirit in this cocktail, it’s rather built around dry vermouth as the main ingredient. This makes the cocktail less alcohol strong, hence it’s a really good recipe if you prefer really tasty cocktails but don’t want a lot of alcohol. Because the taste is definitely there in this cocktail! The benedictine liqueur adds herbal and sweet notes while cointreau and lime juice contribute with citrus notes and acidity. The dry vermouth binds everything together, adding a rich depth to the cocktail.

Give this elegant one a try, we doubt you will regret it!


%name Annabels Special Cocktail


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