When in Berlin we stayed at Radisson Blu Hotel, with its bar “Atrium” set below the spectacular Aqua Dom. Inside this one of a kind aquarium is a lift allowing its passengers to get a journey up and down, surrounded by tropical fishes.

The Aqua Dom is truly an experience, but this review is of course rather of the Atrium Bar. The bar has high ambitions and serves all cocktails at the guest’s table. This is nice, especially as you still see the cocktail being made, and can look at the fishes simultaneously.

We tried a Hanky Panky and a Sacerac. Both being classic, they are hard to fail on, but still Atrium executed them in a nice way with sophisticated garnishes and a nice ice cube. Service is really good, and snacks are included complimentary with each drink order.

This is a great bar to visit even if you don’t stay at the hotel. It’s located very close to Alexanderplatz.

IMG 4266 e1472408676222 Atrium Bar   Berlin

IMG 4280 Atrium Bar   Berlin

IMG 4281 Atrium Bar   Berlin

IMG 4376 Atrium Bar   Berlin

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