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Comanche Club

The Comanche Club is a mix between two of our favorite cocktails; the Negroni and the Last Word.

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Two Coupes Detour

We just met cocktail enthusiasts Tiffany and Joe in New York City. Find out here what cocktail recipe this inspired us to create.

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Bryk – Berlin Cocktail Bar

Arriving in Berlin on a rainy and sunny September day we wanted to find a great spot close to our hotel at Alexanderplatz. Waiting for us in the room was a bottle of dry German sparkling wine – a great start of a weekend in Berlin.

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American Bar – London

Currently, the world's second best bar, is the American Bar at the Savoy hotel in London. This iconic bar still have servers in white jackets and a pianist in the middle of the bar. With 125 years of history it's easy to think the cocktail list would be equally old...

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The Gibson – London

We recently had the pleasure of trying some of the world's best cocktails at relatively new bar The Gibson in London. The bar was just crowned the world's sixth best bar on the worlds-50-best-bars list. According to us this is very well deserved. Here's why; Rusty...

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Cadierbaren – Stockholm

So, we're back at Grand Hotel Stockholm's Cadierbaren to try some of their seasonal cocktails. Bittersweet Maryrose is a very pink drink made of gin, rhubarb liqueur, aperol, lemon, grapefruit and rosemary sugar syrup. It's a summery drink, making you think of kitchen...

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Bastard – Malmö

Currently ranked the second best restaurant of Malmö at TripAdvisor, it's easy to overlook what a great cocktail venue Bastard also is. Their cocktail menu is enjoyable reading, and it changes frequently. A favorite from a prior visit, "Le Saboteur" was still on the...

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The Jones Family Project – London

Yes, this is primarily a restaurant. But The Jones Family Project in London's Shoreditch area has a very intriguing cocktail list as well. There are no classics on the list though, this is a signature cocktails only kind of list. First choice was a Cantalupita made...

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Amaretto Sour – Music to our ears

How do you decide on one common cocktail when there are four persons in your group? After at concert with the Malmö Symphonic Orchestra (MSO) at their brand new venue Malmö Live we were faced with this challenge. Not too boozy, not too sweet, not too acidic, but still...

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DOX Bar – Düsseldorf

We spent 48 hours in Düsseldorf and managed to squeeze in a few bar visits. The best one was at DOX Bar at the Hyatt Hotel in trendy area Medienhafen. The drink list was relatively innovative, and featured several varieties of Moscow Mule. In the copper mug in the...

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Atrium Bar – Berlin

When in Berlin we stayed at Radisson Blu Hotel, with its bar "Atrium" set below the spectacular Aqua Dom. Inside this one of a kind aquarium is a lift allowing its passengers to get a journey up and down, surrounded by tropical fishes. The Aqua Dom is truly an...

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Redwood – Berlin

Why the bar is called Redwood becomes clear the moment you step in. The bar desk is made by a huge piece of American redwood and naturally becomes the centerpiece of attention. The bar itself you don't realle stumble upon though. A bit hidden on a rather dark street...

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Kantine Kohlmann – Berlin

Having cocktails outside, during the last weeks of summer is simply unbeatable, we visited the cocktail bar Kantine Kohlman in Kreuzberg, Berlin. At Kantine Kohlmann's bar we tried four different cocktails. Of particular interest was a cocktail called "Nieto's Date",...

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Niklas – Stockholm

Niklas Ekstedt is a famous Swedish chef with a handful of self-owned restaurants throughout Sweden. All of them are focused at food, but the bar at restaurant Niklas is interesting on its own. Their cocktail "Smoke That Flower" is a fascinating mix of pisco and...

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