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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!
negroni 25 400x250 Cocktails


One of the ultimate classics. Three ingredients only, in equal parts.

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palo negro 8 400x250 Cocktails

Palo Negro

A complex, decadent and elegant agave drink. The Palo Negro by Ivy Mix.

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sicillian martini 13 400x250 Cocktails

Sicilian Martini

Here comes a new book, in Swedish, fully dedicated to a truly iconic cocktail, the Dry Martini.

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manhattan 11 400x250 Cocktails


This is a good one, and it’s been around for a long time for a reason.

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eye nut 21 400x250 Cocktails

Eye Nut

A pretty exciting drink made with coffee infused rum liqueur as well as a walnut liqueur.

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moscow mule 67 400x250 Cocktails

Moscow Mule

A stingy classic. Vodka mixes well with spicy ginger beer in the Moscow Mule.

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dry martini 80 400x250 Cocktails


Another classic cocktail – maybe the most classic of them all. Two ingredients only, great complexity still.

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daiquiri 50 400x250 Cocktails


This is one of the classics. A tempting mix of rum, lime juice and sugar. Very simple to make at home, and it only requires one bottle.

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perl harbour 3 400x250 Cocktails

Pearl Harbour

Not really our favorite drink it turns out . . . but it still looks pretty beautiful!

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singapore sling 13 400x250 Cocktails

Singapore Sling

One of the most iconic longdrinks – the Singapore Sling – from Raffles Hotel.

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beets by tjoget 36 400x250 Cocktails

Beets by Tjoget

It takes some effort, but making bar Tjoget’s signature cocktail at home is both fun and rewarding.

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sazecake 28 400x250 Cocktails


Is it a drink or is it a cake or is it both at the same time? Glenmorangie’s new cake inspired whisky is a lot of fun!

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