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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!
finnish fizz 3 400x250 Cocktails

Finnish Fizz

Blueberry- and cranberry gin mixed with sea buckthorn juice – then carbonated. It’s so refreshing!

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schlitz royal 14 400x250 Cocktails

Schlitz Royal

Just three (well maybe four) simple ingredients create this intriguing cocktail.

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rubarb gimlet 23 400x250 Cocktails

Rhubarb Gimlet

A classic recipe elevated to a whole new level by using rhubarb infused gin.

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picotin 10 400x250 Cocktails


Two distinctive ingredients mixes and forms this quite unique cocktail.

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dr rieux 14 400x250 Cocktails

Dr. Rieux

A beautiful cocktail, made with gorgeous ingredients such as Calvados and Swedish punsch.

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dice of jade 9 400x250 Cocktails

Dice of Jade

An intriguing drink mixing crème de menthe with overproof Ron Esclavo.

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