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dark and stormy 2 400x250 Mezcal

Dark and Stormy

The Dark and Stormy is normally made with rum (the dark) and ginger beer (the stormy). In Death & Co’s recipe the ginger beer is rather substituted with ginger syrup and club soda. It’s quite clever as this allows for individual decisions on how ginger-intense you want to go, and how much sparkles you want.


the italian job 17 400x250 Mezcal

The Italian Job

It’s a very visual cocktail, and it definitely tastes as good as it looks. The four ingredients are quite distinctive all on their own, so in one way it’s surprising how well they work together without one overpowering the other. But hey, isn’t this the magic of cocktails, how the sum can be bigger than it’s individual parts!


rubberband man 6 400x250 Mezcal

Rubberband Man

When we found the recipe we were primarily intrigued by two things; the funny name of the cocktail and the Cardamaro content. Cardamaro is a low ABV amaro with a really nice flavour, almost of ginger bread but slightly more bitter.


 14 400x250 Mezcal

Mulata Daisy

What you notice immediately on the first sip is the licorice notes coming from both the fennel seeds and the Galliano liqueur. It creates a very interesting profile of the drink, and we are already in love with fennel seeds as a cocktail ingredient.


 4 400x250 Mezcal

The Gift Shop

So why is it called The Gift Shop? Well no clues are given in the book so we can only speculate. Could it be a metaphor for the feeling of entering a gift shop? Excitement, happiness and high expectations?


DSC 0332 400x250 Mezcal

Rum Direction

In this cocktail, called Rum Direction, we are using Pyrat rum. it’s that chubby bottle with a metal medallion around its neck. It has an orange flavour going on, that probably doesn’t work in all cocktails, but it’s so good in this one.



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