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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!
midway fuji 11 400x250 Cocktails

Midway Fuji

A simple yet so complex cocktail, this time made with Italian Malfy gin.

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rum lahar 20 400x250 Cocktails

Rum Lahar

An elegant after dinner drink, made with Fair Trade Flor de Caña 12 years rum.

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6 400x250 Cocktails


Combining the best of Japan and Europe, this is the Japean cocktail made with Kokoro gin.

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revolver 7 400x250 Cocktails


In this cocktail the whisky is the true star! We are using The Balvenie this time.

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callaloo cooler 13 400x250 Cocktails

Callaloo Cooler

The Spytail rum comes in a round bottle – and round is also the exact right word to describe its taste.

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backgammonist 19 400x250 Cocktails


The Backgammonist cocktail is made with a peculiar gin with a gorgeous colour.

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bitter pink 9 400x250 Cocktails

Bitter Pink

The Bitter Pink is a summery creation made with pink gin, Campari and fruit-soda.

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road flare 5 400x250 Cocktails

Road Flare

In the Road Flare there is both tequila and Suze – an interesting mix we think.

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swan song 5 400x250 Cocktails

Swan Song

If this drink captures the essence of Swan Song, it must sound beautiful.

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macnamara rose 19 400x250 Cocktails

MacNamara Rose

The MacNamara Rose cocktail is made mixing Aperol, whiskey and Lillet Rosé.

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gin crown 11 400x250 Cocktails

Gin Crown

Tall and refreshing, the Gin Crown has a surprising ingredient in it…

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cravat 39 400x250 Cocktails


The golden tone the amaretto gives this drink, the Cravat, is beautiful we think.

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chupacabra 18 400x250 Cocktails


Chupacabra is a delicious agave cocktail, with Punt e Mes giving it its ruby red colour.

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millenium falco 16 400x250 Cocktails

Millennium Falco

The Millennium Falco cocktail is absolutely packed with good ingredients. Well worth trying it!

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