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Hole in the Cup

Hole in the Cup is the name of this cocktail. And according to its creator Lauren McLaughlin thats how quickly it disappears as it’s so good.

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Stork Club Cocktail

One of the real advantages with orange juice is the beautiful colour it gives the cocktail. It looks rather tempting doesn’t it?

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Gin Gin Mule

This Gin Gin Mule is composed by Audrey Saunders and it is kind of a mix between a Moscow Mule and a Mojito.

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Negative Space

Maks Pazuniak is the creator of this cool and unusual cocktail. It’s called Negative Space and it is a peculiar mix of gentian liqueur, chocolate, sparkling wine and absinthe.

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Frozen Margarita

Ah, we completely missed National Margarita Day back in February. We will try to compensate for that today with this delicious Frozen Margarita.

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Baudouine – a cocktail with a complex name and a long list of ingredients. But the drink itself is very easy and delicious to drink.

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The Cuevas is a tiki drink served in a coupe rather than a mug. Still it evokes tropical feelings, given all that rum in it.

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Pirate Radio

Pirate Radio – a delicious cocktail based on pineapple rum and green Chartreuse. Completed by a flower garnish.

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In this classic Boulevardier cocktail we are using Naked Grouse blended malt scotch whisky as the base ingredient. And oh how well it blends with both the Campari and the sweet vermouth!

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Charlie Chaplin

The Charlie Chaplin cocktail dates back from before 1920, and originates from New York’s Waldorf-Astoria.

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The Tailwind has a rather unusual cocktail ingredient in it; Madeira. However, this turns out to be the shining star of this beautiful drink.

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Sunset at Gowanus

We’ve chosen to disguise a Sunset at Gowanus, by Alex Day, as a tiki cocktail. Because all that rum, Chartreuse and lime definitely evoke tropical feelings!

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Exile in Ryeville

The Exile in Ryeville cocktail, found in Brad Thomas Parsons’s book Bitters, is a twist on a classic Sidecar.

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This original cocktail we ended up with is rather bitter, in a gorgeous way. Funny enough the bitter notes are not only coming from the gin but also from the clementine juice which has a certain bitterness to it.

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The pièce de résistance of the Iridescent is the red wine syrup sink. The idea is to get wine syrup (made by melting together equal parts red wine and sugar) to sink to the bottom of the glass without colouring the rest of the cocktail.

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Today’s original cocktail, Cromulent, borrows both its proportions and its composition from one of our favourite cocktails, The Last Word.

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In the middle of this week of Cocktail Detour original recipes we wanted to pay homage to our home country Sweden, and make an aquavit based cocktail. Here is the Petrichor!

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