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San Francisco Treat

We were looking for an after dinner drink and stumbled upon San Francisco Treat from Thomas Parsons Amaro bible.

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Ogopogo Sour Cocktail

This is pretty cocktail Ogopogo Sour Cocktail from Scott McCallum’s & Victoria Walsh’s Canadian Cocktails.

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Annabel’s Special Cocktail

This cocktail is from Annabel’s club in London’s Berkeley Square. Annabel’s opened already in 1963 and is supposed to be a very stylish and sophisticated night club and restaurant. We haven’t visited, but trust William Yeoward’s words in his book American Bar.

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Royal Tribute Cocktail

In William Yeoward’s American Bar: The world’s most glamorous cocktails we found the recipe for a Royal Tribute, a sparkling cocktail.

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Queen(ce) Gillian Cocktail

It’s an amazingly fruity cocktail, but still there is a nice bitterness going on in the background thanks to the Obstbrand and the quince itself. The egg white is important to create a nice white foam, floating on top of the cocktail.

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French Seventy-Five Cocktail

The French Seventy-Five is a classic champagne cocktail, with gin and fresh lemon in it. We decided to enhance the yellow color of this cocktail by using Canadian Ungava gin, which is infused with labrador tea, among several other ingredients.   What's in it 2/3...

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Cherry Old Fashioned Cocktail

It’ soon Valentine’s Day, so what could be more fitting than a lovely red cocktail? Your loved one you probably want to treat with only the best though, so in this cocktail we are using high quality cherry Heering liqueur.

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Princess Mary’s Pride Cocktail

In Harry Craddock’s legendary “The Savoy Cocktail Book” we found the recipe for this cocktail, created already in 1922 to mark the wedding celebrations of Her Royal Highness Princess Mary.

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Chinese Fizz Cocktail

Last week was all about the Chinese New Year 2017, so we thought Death & Co cocktail “Chinese Fizz” by Phil Ward was a fitting drink for the evening. This is a cocktail based on rum, with added flavors from Cointreau, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, lemon and grenadine. A great drink to evoke the new year festive mood once more, a month after the western world’s celebration.

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Silk & Gators Cocktail

Greg Henry’s “Savory Cocktails” is quickly becoming a favorite of ours, and today we are making the Silk & Gators cocktail from his book. There is something intricate about cognac cocktails isn’t there? In this drink the cocktail is the true star, supported by minor amounts of other spirits.

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Sloe & Steady Cocktail

  Tonight we are shaking a truly smashing cocktail from Oskar Kinberg's "Cocktail Cookbook". The Sloe & Steady is a drink made with several brightly colored spirits, hence the finished cocktail gets a very spectacular look. Oskar describes the cocktail...

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Golden Lion Cocktail

  The Golden Lion cocktail recipe we picked up from Greg Henry's excellent book "Savory Cocktails". Seeing Galliano in the ingredient list made us intrigued, and when we saw it was paired with two other yellow spirits, aquavit and dry vermouth, we had to give it...

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To Hell with Spain #2 Cocktail

Don't get us wrong , we love Spain (especially Barcelona). And Greg Henry doesn't give any explanation to the cocktail's naming in his book Savory Cocktails, from where we extracted this recipe. The cocktail is originally created by Ira Koplowitz at Bittercube's...

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Winter Sidecar Cocktail

We had a few ounces left of a bottle of pimm's winter edition that we bought last year, and we decided it was time to empty it. Online we found the below recipe for a Winter Sidecar cocktail.   What's in it 1,25 oz pimm's winter 0,75 oz applejack 0,25 oz lemon...

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Tricolore Cocktail

The Tricolore is created by Agostino Perrone at The Connaught Bar in London. We've picked up Perrone's recipe from William Yeoward's elegant cocktail book American Bar. With Perrone being of Italian heritage, but working in London, the ingredient list is obviously...

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Rose Gin Negroni

When we were in Toronto Canada some time ago we found a spirit from Dillon's called rose gin. It's a floral spirit, with an amber color. Rose petals are one of the peculiar ingredients. In a review we read about this spirit it was suggested to make a negroni out of...

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