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Serving this over big rocks allows for slow sipping while still keeping the cocktail cool.

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Manhattan Transfer

The Manhattan Transfer Cocktail from Death & Co caught our interest as it contains Ramazotti, which we recently bought a bottle of.

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The Airman

The color of this cocktail is so exciting, because despite adding quite a lot of intense-blue violette liqueur, the cocktail still turns out green.

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The King’s Spring Daisy

  We have already made cocktails using ginger syrup, but we have been curious for a while of King's ginger liqueur. When we finally found a bottle in store, it was a definite buy. Looking at the brand's web page we found the recipe for The King's Spring Daisy...

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Green Park

Inspired by Amy Stewart’s brilliant book “The Drunken Botanist” we wanted to shake up a green drink, and came to think of The Green Park cocktail.

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The Brave

This cocktail is not supposed to be chilled but enjoyed at room temperature. We have to admit we stirred it with ice though…

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