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spicy santa 9 400x250 Cocktails

Spicy Santa

We’re approaching Christmas quickly, and today we are making our first hot cocktail of the year. This is the Spicy Santa, a Cocktail Detour original, inspired by several other hot chocolate cocktails out there.

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3 days of winter 3 400x250 Cocktails

.3 Days of Winter

The .3 Days of Winter is a Cocktail Detour original, mixing gin and orange marmalade in a wintry way.

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forty thieves 4 400x250 Cocktails

Forty Thieves

The recipe we found in The Nomad Cocktail Book. Yes, we finally bought their cookbook just to get hold of the attached cocktail book. Actually just this single cocktail made it worth it, it’s that good!

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 42 400x250 Cocktails

Enchanted Orchard

We thought there was something almost fairy tale-like over the Enchanted Orchard cocktail by Joaquin Simó from Death & Co. The name of the drink makes us think about magic forests, strange creatures . . . and unicorns for some reason.

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25 400x250 Cocktails

Tonic Margarita

We created a Tonic Margarita. There is a noticeable difference between tequila and mezcal. The latter one has more of a smoky profile, not completely unlike a smoky whisky. It’s a really good cocktail ingredient which this particular drink proves.

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blood and sand 3 400x250 Cocktails

Blood and Sand

The Blood and Sand is a classic cocktail for a reason. That combination os smoky scotch, cherry Heering and orange juice works so well.

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dark and stormy 2 400x250 Cocktails

Dark and Stormy

The Dark and Stormy is normally made with rum (the dark) and ginger beer (the stormy). In Death & Co’s recipe the ginger beer is rather substituted with ginger syrup and club soda. It’s quite clever as this allows for individual decisions on how ginger-intense you want to go, and how much sparkles you want.

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anotha one 2 400x250 Cocktails

Anotha’ One

We used honey from Sweden. And that’s one of the things we think is so awesome with cocktails. Ingredients from totally different parts of the world can be mixed into the same glass, and create something amazing.

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vichy cycle 3 400x250 Cocktails

Vichy Cycle

The drink gets brown, rich and strong. It’s really the perfect autumn sipper, so full of flavour and character.

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the italian job 17 400x250 Cocktails

The Italian Job

It’s a very visual cocktail, and it definitely tastes as good as it looks. The four ingredients are quite distinctive all on their own, so in one way it’s surprising how well they work together without one overpowering the other. But hey, isn’t this the magic of cocktails, how the sum can be bigger than it’s individual parts!

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off white negroni 20 400x250 Cocktails

Off-White Negroni

Suze is a liqueur made on the roots of the gentian plant. This means it gets a bitter taste, but obviously in a good way. Normally you would be tempted to pair it with something sweet or acidic, but here it is rather paired with only Cocchi Americano and gin.

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grapfruit old fashioned 10 400x250 Cocktails

Grapefruit Old Fashioned

We’re almost half way through Old Fashioned Week and we are excited to contribute with this Grapefruit Old Fashioned. It’s a riff on the classic, with added flavours from grapefruit and tonic.

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red viper 3 400x250 Cocktails

Red Viper

Mezcal is so good! We can’t get enough of that smokiness, that really comes through also in this cocktail. It’s a very sophisticated spirit that everyone definitely should try, especially tequila lovers.

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 33 400x250 Cocktails

Have At It

This cocktail was really enjoyable! Not very sweet, rather a bit dry from the sherry and a bit tart because of the gin and grapefruit. You could sip quite eagerly on it without getting too affected

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 25 400x250 Cocktails

Pomegranate Martini

Just like cranberry juice, pomegranate juice is a bit bristly on the tongue and it’s actually a pretty cool thing in this cocktail. It is not a sweet drink but rather a well balanced one with both acidity and fruit very present.

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 8 400x250 Cocktails

Almond Brother

These are two Almond Brothers by Jason Littrell from bar Death & Co. It’s a recipe that combines Mexican tequila with Italian Amaretto in a playful way.

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swedish tonic cocktails 400x250 Cocktails

Widow’s Laurel

Let’s focus a bit on glassware, such an essential part of any cocktail. We love going glassware hunting. The charity shops in Stockholm see us frequently, and we can never resist a good glass temptation.

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rubberband man 6 400x250 Cocktails

Rubberband Man

When we found the recipe we were primarily intrigued by two things; the funny name of the cocktail and the Cardamaro content. Cardamaro is a low ABV amaro with a really nice flavour, almost of ginger bread but slightly more bitter.

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