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Black Salt Cocktail

https://youtu.be/P3p03YTtteE   From excellent book Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry we've picked this rather unique recipe containing salt in the actual cocktail. And it's not just any salt you're supposed to use, but the very cool black lava salt. The black salt...

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Doctor Cocktail

Being Swedes, it's nice to sometimes do cocktails based on Swedish punsch. The Doctor is an equal-part-cocktail made also with gin and lemon juice, apart from punsch. We served the cocktail in glassware from Reijmyre, a Swedish glassworks company who have been...

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Christmas Porthole Punch

Merry Christmas to you all, today we are drinking punch. We have a porthole (an infusing container) that we use too seldom and punch for two is an excellent occasion. Punch is a loanword from Sanskrit and means "five". The drink was originally done with five different...

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The star of tonight is a Daiquiri, maybe one of the most simple cocktails to make. By shaking rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup a refreshing and slightly sweet drink is created. What's in it 1,5 oz light rum 1,0 oz fresh lime juice 0,5 oz simple syrup (or more or...

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Conference Cocktail

This is another nice cocktail from Death & Co's excellent book. The cocktail is made with a lot of ingredients, however all of them are common. It's still an unusual drink though, as it's made with both whiskey, calvados and cognac - hence combining two very...

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All time favourite cocktail “The Last Word”

We've had posts before with The Last Word, but we couldn't resist posting it again as it is such a great cocktail. It's also an easy cocktail to make at home, as long  as you manage to scout the ingredients. This recipe is an equal part one, so just make sure to use...

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Copa de Oro – variation

We asked for tips for more Cynar cocktails and Home Bar Girl came to rescue. Cynar is great to enjoy with only ice and soda but you can do so much more. To blend it with calvados is an excellent idea. On our Cynar road travel we tried to mix it with Aquavit in the...

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Miniature Mezcal Margarita

Cocktails should be fun. Cocktails should be simple. Cocktails should be social.   These are the forewords in innovative cocktail book Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails by Eric Prum and Josh Williams. And we couldn't agree more. Cocktails can contain posh...

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Eeyore’s Requiem Cocktail

The Eeyore's Requiem Cocktail features an impressive lineup of ingredients. But in the end this is a Negroni variation where the gin is less dominant, and where rather cynar and fernet branca play the lead role. We added an orange zest twist in the finalized cocktail,...

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Mezcal Paloma

We discovered mezcal this year and it's one of our favorite spirits (even competing with gin). A late fall afternoon we wanted to make a cocktail containing mezcal and some fresh organic grapefruit we had in the fridge. So, the perfect opportunity to do a Mezcal...

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Sidewinder Cocktail

Cognac is easy to overlook as a cocktail ingredient. Thankfully in Death & CO's book there are several recipes with both cognac and some other brandy's. Today we tried a Sidewinder cocktail, with both cognac and applejack, as well as herbal liqueurs benedictine...

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Division Bell Cocktail

The recipe for the Division Bell is by Phil Ward and is found in Roberto Simonson's book A Proper Drink. This is a good mezcal initiation drink as the smokiness from the mezcal is very well balanced by sweetness from maraschino liqueur and fruitiness and bitterness...

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Applewood Negroni

Can you smoke anything? Our answer is almost. A smoking gun is really cool to work with and we have previously smoked cod, tomato and popcorn. Hence the time was come to smoke our first cocktail! We wanted to try a cocktail that isn't smokey on its own (for example by...

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Albahaca Flor

It might look like a Basil Smash but it's actually an Albahaca Flor. We found the recipe online, on a Swedish list of fabulous summer drinks. Now when winter has heavily hit Sweden we are slightly longing for summer again we guess . . . The basil makes this cocktail...

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Lucien Gaudin cocktail

This is a classic cocktail, and the recipe is widely available. We found ours in favorite cocktail book Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh. The cocktail is named after a fencer who received gold metals in the 1924 and 1928 olympic games. There are...

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Del Rio Cocktail

Normally we prefer mezcal over tequila, but when we found the recipe for Del Rio on eater.com we knew it was time to break a bottle of tequila. Apart from that, there is also sherry and elderflower liqueur in this cocktail, along with a generous amount of angostura...

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Remember the Maine

This is a cocktail for lovers of rye. We are using Bulleit's rye, it's high on character and even the bottle itself looks good! In Remember the Maine the rye is mixed with a couple of peculiar ingredients. First of all, absint, an almost mysterious spirit adding...

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Matcha Sour Cocktail

We bought a tiny jar of matcha green tea powder in London. Matcha is actually quite expensive, but a little goes a long way. Less than a teaspoon creates an intensely green cocktail, making it look more of a potion. However, the tea taste is nowhere near as intense as...

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