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pushing daisy 2 400x250 Cocktails

Pushing Daisy

Combining the uniqueness of Strega, with the kick of Fernet-Branca and acidity of fresh lemon is brilliant! We really can’t praise the Pushing Daisy enough.

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the humble hero 1 400x250 Cocktails

The Humble Hero

Yes, he is a Humble Hero, Linus Morgan who’s the creator of this awesome cocktail. It’s a low-ABV recipe with an interesting mix of Lillet Blanc, celery and coffee!

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tartufo 3 400x250 Cocktails


The Tartufo os a unique, adult and serious cocktail for those open to unexpected flavour.

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lady johnston 6 400x250 Cocktails

Lady Johnston

There’s just something with fresh basil in cocktails. It’s herbal and earthy, and it adds a wonderful pale green colour when muddled with clear spirits like in this one.

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1 400x250 Cocktails

Barbershop Medicine & Relaxed Lax

In this joint post with Elin over at TRAVEL * FOOD * COOL we are celebrating some of the things Sweden and Canada have a common love for. Elin is making home made gravlax and we are making a cocktail with whisky and aquavit.

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beholders eye 7 400x250 Cocktails

Beholder’s Eye

  Thank you Nick Assaur for being such an inspiration on Instagram, and for always being so supportive on our posts. Today we are excited to share our celebration to you, and your cocktail Beholder's Eye. And one could say this is also an homage to Canada and a...

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brooklyn eagle 9 400x250 Cocktails

Brooklyn Eagle

What’s great about this recipe is that it doesn’t call for any “unusual” bottles or other ingredients. Even if your home bar isn’t very well stocked chances are you’ll be able to shake this cocktail at home.

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paris is burning 7 400x250 Cocktails

Paris is Burning

Let us mix a Paris is Burning cocktail, created by the talented Leo Robitschek from Hotel Nomad in NYC. In the little black cocktail book from Nomad several of Leo’s creations are featured, but today the Paris is Burning seems most tempting to make as it captures everything we appreciate from a true craft cocktail;

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tampico 5 400x250 Cocktails


We love most things bitter, so when we saw all that Campari in the Tampico cocktail we needed to try it. And it turns out Campari paired with tonic water (which is also quite bitter) and sweet Cointreau is a wonderful combination.

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spicy santa 9 400x250 Cocktails

Spicy Santa

We’re approaching Christmas quickly, and today we are making our first hot cocktail of the year. This is the Spicy Santa, a Cocktail Detour original, inspired by several other hot chocolate cocktails out there.

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3 days of winter 3 400x250 Cocktails

.3 Days of Winter

The .3 Days of Winter is a Cocktail Detour original, mixing gin and orange marmalade in a wintry way.

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forty thieves 4 400x250 Cocktails

Forty Thieves

The recipe we found in The Nomad Cocktail Book. Yes, we finally bought their cookbook just to get hold of the attached cocktail book. Actually just this single cocktail made it worth it, it’s that good!

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 42 400x250 Cocktails

Enchanted Orchard

We thought there was something almost fairy tale-like over the Enchanted Orchard cocktail by Joaquin Simó from Death & Co. The name of the drink makes us think about magic forests, strange creatures . . . and unicorns for some reason.

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25 400x250 Cocktails

Tonic Margarita

We created a Tonic Margarita. There is a noticeable difference between tequila and mezcal. The latter one has more of a smoky profile, not completely unlike a smoky whisky. It’s a really good cocktail ingredient which this particular drink proves.

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blood and sand 3 400x250 Cocktails

Blood and Sand

The Blood and Sand is a classic cocktail for a reason. That combination os smoky scotch, cherry Heering and orange juice works so well.

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