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  We love the idea of vintage/forgotten cocktails. Sure it is also tremendously fun to try new and innovative signature cocktails, but it's rewarding to every now and then dig in to old cocktail books and recipes. So we will now make six posts in a row, each...

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Cacao Negroni

This is a Negroni Cocktail, with an ever so slight twist. The Campari used has been infused with cacao nibs for 24 hours.

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Hissy Fit

  Crème de cassis can be a bit overwhelming, but in The Hissy Fit cocktail by Josh Ropson the amount of this sweet liqueur is kept at a moderate level. Still it contributes with the most gorgeous color and of course a lot of flavour. We enhanced the overall...

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There is Campari and vermouth adding bitterness, but there is also Amaretto bringing sweetness and nuttiness to the drink.

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The Pink Elephant

The Pink Elephant Cocktail is actually not that pink in the end, but it kind of tastes like pink with that grapefruit juice and blackberry liqueur in it.

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DSC 0026 400x250 Cocktails


The color might make it look fruitier than it actually is though, the cocktail is based on gin and grapefruit.

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DSC 0083 400x250 Cocktails

Night Porter

This could very well be one of the most beautiful cocktails we have ever shaken.

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%name Cocktails


Combining tequila, Chartreuse and Amer Picon might seem bold, but the cocktail it results in is so nice!

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%name Cocktails


A vintage cocktail featuring green Chartreuse.

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