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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles might sound uncomfortable. But in drink form it’s not, which this post proves.

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The York

There are only two ingredients in The York. And still it’s a magical cocktail.

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Poor Richard

Poor Richard might be the name of the drink, it is low on ABV but definitely not poor on taste.

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The Chicago is a luxurious drink with both Champagne and Cognac in it.

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Spanish Caravan

In the Spanish Caravan, Calvados is mixed with tequila, sherry and allspice liqueur. Unique and brave!

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Upper Crust

A riff off the Brandy Crusta, this is the Upper Crust by Sother Teague.

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La Lumière

A Last Word riff that we couldn’t resist. La Lumière by Jen Marshall.

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Going alcohol free in this Seedlip-based version of a classic cocktail. This is the Steergroni.

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The Supino Cocktail is Micke Karlsson’s entry to this year’s Bacardi Legacy competition.

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The Disarollywood cocktail are using some odd flavour combinations. And of course it works!

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La Catrina

Honey, Jägermeister and tequila are irresistibly mixed in the La Catrina cocktail.

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An irresistible mix of mezcal and tequila. This is the Mezcalita.

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