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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!
padrino 13 400x250 Cocktails


With both amaretto and apricot in it, this cocktail has some nice nutty features.

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1910 30 400x250 Cocktails


Punt e Mes and Cognac in the same drink – and it turns out beautifully!

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smokescreen 54 400x250 Cocktails


Two different scotches, and the Green Chartreuse on top of that. This is so delicious!

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le meilleur 19 400x250 Cocktails

Le Meilleur

One of the most fantastic cocktails we’ve ever had. Le Meilleur – from Experimental Cocktail Club in Paris.

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king james 49 400x250 Cocktails

King James

This cocktail combines rum and brandy, which we think works really well.

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the tarnish 15 400x250 Cocktails

The Tarnish

Ruby red as cassis – this drinks tempts with its gorgeous color.

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ice berg 56 400x250 Cocktails


A frozen cocktail, made with a full bottle of bitter, that is later reused as garnish.

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bella sour 37 400x250 Cocktails

Bella’s Sour

Made with Bella’s sloe liqueur, this labour of love turns into a fantastic cocktail.

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pegu club 14 400x250 Cocktails

Pegu Club

The classic Pegu Club cocktail tastes extra delicious with this fantastic gin.

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