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Today is a fantastic summer day to try out a cocktail that has been on our mind since my last visit to Phamarium in Stockholm. On their 'International' part of their cocktail menu is Chrysanthemum. The cocktail first known from Hugo Ensslin's book Recipes for Mixed...

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Last of the Oaxacans

Exploring our new discovered taste for Mezcal and we found a recipe after googling on Mezcal cocktails on Serious Eats. Lovely take on Last Word which is one of our favorite cocktail all categories. It's not comparable to it but the Mezcal brings a smoky rich taste...

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The Gardiner

From cocktail book "Canadian Cocktails" by Scott McCallum & Victoria Walsh comes a very delightful cocktail called "The Gardiner". The book is available at both American Amazon and European Amazon. Muddle a piece of fresh rosemary and shake with the below...

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Finally got our hands on some violet liqueur and were able to make a classic "Aviation". Its pale blu color really resembles a cloudy sky. If you like gin, this cocktail should be a fovourite.   To make one, just shake these ingredients: 2 oz gin 0,5 oz luxardo...

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