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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!

Royal Cadiz Yacht Club

What we think is so likable about sherry is that it somehow creates this luxurious ”Cognac-feeling” without being nowhere near as strong.

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Physalis Sour

A drink made with those physalis fruits that looks so spectacular. This is the Physalis Sour.

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A Scandinavian cocktail indeed, with all this dill. This is the Dillusion.

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North Sea Oil

An American cocktail with a Nordic theme – this is the North Sea Oil by Leo Robitschek.

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Currant Affairs

Redcurrants are so pretty they deserve to be the star of a cocktail – this is Oskar Kinberg’s Currant Affairs.

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Bull Fight

If you look closely, doesn’t this moustache also resemble the horns on a bull? This is the Bull Fight cocktail!

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Queen’s Slipper

As autumn is here, and winter is soon around the corner – starting to make these dark brown cocktails makes a lot of sense.

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The Post Sunset

We thought a recipe based on two lime wedges sounded…fun…and challenging. How much juice does one wedge hold?

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Jinger & Barb

One very Japanese product, and one very Swedish product create this Cocktail Detour original drink, the Jinger & Barb.

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Customs Clearance

A glass sent from a new friend, from across the ocean – inspired us to create this cocktail.

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Devil’s Barrel

This cocktail is very much in season now during autumn. The whisky base means it’s a boozy and dark drink, that you’d want to sip on slowly.

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Friûl Libar

An amaro cocktail, the Friûl Libar is an interesting one. Very delicious, and very graceful.

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