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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!

Golden Gate

Another sharp cocktail – the bittersweet Golden Gate by Thomas Waugh.

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The Penicillin

This is The Penicillin, made with Naked Grouse. It’s a rather spectacular cocktail where the scotch is paired with both ginger and honey.

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Eclipse is a ruby red agave cocktail by Leo Robitschek.

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Penumbra Ripple

This is a Cocktail Detour original recipe for a sophisticated and elegant whisky cocktail.

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Bingin Nun

The Bingin Nun is a bright yellow agave drink, with a hint of green Chartreuse in it.

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Old Alhambra

Just a tiny splash of chocolate liqueur makes the Old Alhambra one of the sweetest cocktails.

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The name might be short and easy, but the cocktail is long and complex.

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Prince of Orange

In the Prince of Orange cocktail there is orange marmelade. An unusual but fun ingredient in a drink.

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Saint Rosalie

When the team behind Porter’s gin kindly asked us to try out their gin we knew we wanted to use it in a long drink. Saint Rosalie turned out to be a great fit.

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Union Club

This cocktail is bittersweet like Campari based cocktails tend to be. It’s simply a gorgeous drink.

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Ticket to Paradise

In Ticket to Paradise Swedish punsch is paired with tequila and slow gin, giving the drink both colour and flavour.

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The very potent mezcal is paired with distinct flavors such as coffee, grapefruit juice and allspice! But just like in tiki drinks “more is more”.

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Means of Preservation

We just think there’s something very elegant with clear cocktails. It’s like you cant’t hide something, so the cocktail ends up looking very pure.

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Brace Position

The Swedish cherries are here, and we wanted that to permeate this post. While not using the cherries in the actual cocktail they made a perfect side snack to be enjoyed together with the drink.

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