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Need inspiration? This is what we mix!
lotta 60 400x250 Cocktails


Using a new coffee gin, we are making the Lotta cocktail, with its dessert features.

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my me moment 2 400x250 Cocktails


This mocktail is created with MeMento, a new product that comes in a very cool bottle.

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el duque 31 400x250 Cocktails


El Duque is a smooth coffee cocktail, also containing rum and sherry.

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cliftonian 12 400x250 Cocktails


A price winning cocktail this is, even if it dates back all the way to 1935.

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the witches 4 400x250 Cocktails

The Witches

An interesting mix of akvavit and green Chartreuse is what The Witches cocktail is made with.

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dry martini 3 400x250 Cocktails


Mastering this essential cocktail requires some training. It’s well worth it though!

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me mrs jones 35 400x250 Cocktails

Me & Mrs Jones

There’s orange marmelade in this drink, which we think is quite fun. It’s also really delicious!

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franco itailan swizzle 52 400x250 Cocktails

Franco-Italian Swizzle

Green and herbal – that’s the effect Green Chartreuse has on cocktails. This is the Franco-Italian Swizzle.

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borrowed feathers 25 400x250 Cocktails

Borrowed Feathers

Happy New Year – feeling very festive with this bubbly cocktail called Borrowed Feathers.

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calasca 7 400x250 Cocktails


In an Instagram event called Secret Santé we are celebrating Carissa from Alaska with an original cocktail.

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nog 18 400x250 Cocktails


With this Nog we wish everybody a Merry Christmas!

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