Devil’s Barrel

This cocktail is very much in season now during autumn. The whisky base means it’s a boozy and dark drink, that you’d want to sip on slowly.


Penumbra Ripple

This is a Cocktail Detour original recipe for a sophisticated and elegant whisky cocktail.


Union Club

This cocktail is bittersweet like Campari based cocktails tend to be. It's simply a gorgeous drink.



This cocktail was boozy, complex and elegant. Perhaps more of an autumn or winter cocktail, we still didn't mind sipping it on a beautiful summer evening.


Warehouse C

A very summery cocktail with that strawberry in it. Have a happy midsummer with the Warehouse C.


Bartender’s Bingo

The Bartender's Bingo is excellent proof that just fooling around in your liquor cabinet might result in something grand.


The Derby

We continue to try out recipes from Ted Haigh's excellent book "Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails". Today we are making The Derby.


Vieux Ananas

Seeing pineapple rum in any cocktail recipe always gets us interested. The tropical tasting Vieux Ananas by Ezra Star is certainly no exception.


The Amen Corner

The Amen Corner, by Nick Brown is a riff of The Paper Plane. And it's delicious!

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