Downhill Racer

by | Jul 11, 2017


From Difford’s Guide comes the recipe for the Downhill Racer cocktail. Containing a lot of rum, and considerably less amaretto it is surprising how nutty this cocktail tastes. Difford’s describe the cocktail as a crowd pleaser and we more or less agree, this is a drink most people would like (as long as they are fine with the taste of almond). All that pineapple juice also creates a nice thick foam floating on top of the shaken cocktail – it actually looks quite fancy. A really good summer cocktail this one is!

1,75 oz dark rum
0,75 oz amaretto
1,5 oz pineapple juice
Shake with ice, strain and pour.


DSC 0002 Downhill Racer

DSC 0011 Downhill Racer

DSC 0025 Downhill Racer

DSC 0038 Downhill Racer

DSC 0053 Downhill Racer


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