Fin du Saison

by | Sep 3, 2017


Thanks to basil leaves and Chartreuse, the Fin du Saison from Craigie on Main is an incredibly green cocktail. We actually struggled to choose an appropriate garnish for this extrovert drink, and finally decided on just a simple dried orange wheel.

We were a bit surprised of the unique flavour of this cocktail when we took the first sip. Seeing that green color, knowing there is Chartreuse in it, you are kind of expecting the taste of The Last Word. But no, this one tastes completely different. The combination of basil and Chartreuse together with sparkling wine make this cocktail taste very earthy, herbal and dry. It’s actually quite hard to describe the taste in words, but it’s truly enjoyable. If you are open to the idea of a rather unique tasting cocktail, then promise to try this one!

Fin du Saison

4 slices cucumber
8 basil leaves
1 pinch salt
1 oz Cocchi Americano
0,5 oz green Chartreuse
0,5 oz lemon juice
0,25 oz Grand Marnier
dry sparkling wine
Muddle the cucumber, basil and salt. Add all other ingredients but the wine and shake with ice. Strain and pour and top up with sparkling wine.

The recipe for this cocktail we found in Frederic Yarm’s book Drink & Tell.



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