by | May 28, 2017


The list of ingredients to make a Gloria cocktail is quite long, but mixing them all together creates a splendid drink experience! Apparently a winner from a cocktail competition, we found this recipe in Björn Olsson’s book “Bartender” from 2002 (with no credit to the creator). Still we want to share the recipe because this cocktail was so enjoyable. There is Campari and vermouth adding bitterness, but there is also Amaretto bringing sweetness and nuttiness to the drink. Then both brandy and whiskey contribute with flavor and strength. A colorful and flamboyant cocktail it is!

Recipe making two cocktails:
1,5 oz Campari
1,5 oz brandy
1,5 oz whiskey
0,75 oz Amaretto
0,75 oz dry vermouth
Stir with ice, strain and pour


DSC 0006 2 Gloria

DSC 0011 2 Gloria

DSC 0044 1 Gloria

DSC 0060 1 Gloria


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