Howl on the Hill Cocktail

by | Mar 7, 2017


These kind of brown drinks are often based on bourbons or ryes, but the Howl on the Hill is actually a rum cocktail. We used Angostura 1919, but most likely any good quality dark rum will work brilliantly in this cocktail.

There is a rich complexity to this cocktail. The sweet rum is of course very noticeable, but the added amaro fernet-branca and the yellow chartreuse both alters the flavour of the rum in a very nice way. And then there are those few drops of absint playing in the background . . . enough to be noticed but not too much to overwhelm.

The recipe is from Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails%name Howl on the Hill Cocktail.


What’s in it

2 oz dark rum

0,75 oz antica formula vermouth

0,5 oz fernet-branca

0,25 oz yellow chartreuse

1 dash absint

Stir all ingredients over ice. Pour and strain into a cocktail glass.


DSC 1070 1 Howl on the Hill Cocktail


Death & Co suggests to serve this cocktail in coupe glassware, but we decided to go with rock glasses instead. By adding a large piece of ice the cocktail stays cool for a long time, hence becoming an ultimate sipper cocktail. It’s a high on alcohol cocktail so you actually want to enjoy it one small sip at a time.

DSC 1082 Howl on the Hill Cocktail

DSC 1088 Howl on the Hill Cocktail

DSC 1101 Howl on the Hill Cocktail

DSC 1110 Howl on the Hill Cocktail


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