So excited to finally visit #23 on for both cocktails and oysters. Maison Premiere in New York’s Williamsburg is definately one of the best bars we’ve been to. The combination of exquisite cocktails and top quality oysters and shellfish is a hit! The long and very unique cocktail list includes cocktails based on rather unusual flavors. Kummel, habanero and malort are some of the sensations visitors can look forward to. Spirits used are of course of the highest quality, and the bar is well stocked with intriguing bottles.

Tasting, tasting, tasting . . .

Getting a table very close to the iconic oval bar gave us a good observation point. Extra interesting was to see that all cocktails were sampled by both the bartender upon completion, and by servers just before drinks were delivered to guests. It’s this attention to customer experience that in our opinion makes a bar worthy to be on the top fifty list.

Oh, and a word about the oysters… They come in 10-20 different varieties, are differently priced depending on hour of visit, and all taste divine. They really are the perfect pairing for Maison Premieres unforgettable cocktails.

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