Montgomery Slugger

by | Dec 10, 2020


A drink for the elegant-minded – made with top quality sweet vermouth, bourbon and several other good stuff in small quantities. The absinthe rinse leaves so much flavour despite being discarded, and Falernum is such an exotic and nice way to sweeten a drink. Then coffee and walnut liqueurs deepen those earthy notes, resulting in this much complex but easily enjoyable drink. (Don’t forget the pinch of salt, a much important ingredient to balance those sweet notes).⁠

Montgomery Slugger



0,5 oz absinthe⁠
1,5 oz bourbon whisky⁠
0,5 oz Antica Formula sweet vermouth⁠
0,25 oz coffee liqueur⁠
0,25 oz Falernum⁠
0,25 oz walnut liqueur⁠
2 dashes Angostura bitters⁠
a pinch of salt⁠


Pour the absinthe into a coupe and top up with ice and water.Separately stir all other ingredients with ice, and then discard the water and absinthe in the coupe. Then pour the stirred drink into the glass.⁠



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