by | Feb 23, 2020


Here we’re trying out Carpano Botanic Bitter for the first time. It’s a new, modern bitter, perfect to use in Negronis and similar cocktails. The bitter is made with green orange peel, sandal, wormwood and saffron to name just a few of its 10 natural ingredients. We thinks it’s a lively and vibrant bitter, that should pair so well with many styles of gin.⁠

And it definitely works with the powerful Juniper Cask Gin from Hernö. With peppery notes, combined with vanilla, coriander and lemon it’s a fantastic gin that deserves a lot of attention.⁠ Also an extra plus for the gorgeous yellow label and wax-work.⁠

As for sweet vermouth we of course go with Antica Formula. It’s our luxurious go-to vermouth that works miracles in any drink it’s used in. We find the smaller bottle very handy as the product is low ABV and should be consumed within a resonable amount of time after being opened. Pro tip: keep the opened bottle in the fridge.⁠

Cheers, to one of the world’s most iconic cocktails that can still be very vivid with new products.⁠




1 oz Hernö Juniper Cask gin⁠
1 oz Carpano Botanic Bitter⁠
1 oz Carpano Antica Formula⁠ sweet vermouth⁠


Stir all ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a rocks glass.⁠




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