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The Cocktail Key

The Cocktail Key by Herbert Jenkins, is a fold out recipe overview from circa 1920’s.


Despite its simple one page layout it squeezes in more than 25 cocktail recipes in a most comprehensive way. Looking at the cocktails itself it’s interesting to see how many of those recipes are still popular today. Talk about classics!

The book measures 9×13 centimeters folded, and 25×18 centimeters unfolded. It’s printed on delicate paper that has yellowed over the years. There is a noticeable tear exactly where the paper is folded, although this does not affect the possibility to read the recipes. On the top left corner of the cover someone has written what appears to be a phone number, with a pencil.

This tiny book is published by P.B.S. LTD London. The book is written in English.

Please note, this is a pre-owned and pre-used vintage product sold as it appears. Study the detailed photographs to assess the product’s condition.


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