Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)

by | Aug 4, 2017


Making our own rhubarb shrub was so rewarding! The end result is packed with fruity notes but also acidity from apple cider vinegar. Rhubarb is such a great cocktail ingredient, so be prepared for more posts like this one!

The cocktail on the photograph is a Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah) adopted from Canon Bar in Seattle. We believe the elegance of this cocktail lies in it’s simplicity – only three ingredients are needed; rum, rhubarb and Champagne. We were able to sip these cocktails outside on our balcony, making the drinks taste even more spectacular!

1,5 oz white rum
0,75 oz rhubarb shrub
2 oz dry Champagne or other sparkling wine
Stir and strain the rum and rhubarb. Strain and pour into glasses and top up with Champagne.


DSC 0165 Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)

DSC 0172 Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)

DSC 0175 1 Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)

DSC 0178 Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)

DSC 0209 Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)

DSC 0210 Rha Rha (Sis Boom Bah)


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