Rowanberry Spritz

by | Jul 28, 2020


After several years of enjoying cocktails and spirits, it’s not too often we get to try something completely new that tastes very unique to previous experiences.⁠

Our friends at Jonas Bronck’s Spirit kindly let us try their rowan-berry liqueur and it’s an interesting one for sure. Rowan-berries are orange, small, sour and bitter. And that’s reflected very accurately in the liqueur we can assure.⁠

What first struck us was the acidity, there is a much enjoyable sourness which is different from citrus acidity. It’s like a very Swedish sour, pleasing to the mouth and much refreshing at the same time.⁠

But then also the bitterness in the background is intriguing. It tastes exactly like you’d imagine these little berries would. We’ve always been drawn to the bitters, and rowan-berry is a very welcome new family member.⁠

Using the liqueur in a spritz is an easy way to start. Next time we will make a stiffer cocktail with it though, stay tuned!⁠

Rowanberry Spritz



2 oz rowan-berry liqueur⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup⁠
sparkling wine to top up with


In a flute glass, gently mix the rowan-berry liqueur and the simple syrup. Then top up with sparkling wine and garnish with a grapefruit twist.⁠



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