Want to try make cocktails at home?

Cocktail Detour's take on 7-bottle bar!

Curious to start mixing cocktails at home but no idea where to start? We will help you with essentials to get you started.


There is a huge amount of gins out there.We took a picture of a excellent local Chicago gin called Koval. We would suggest starting with something like Beefeater London Dry Gin for your first bottle


Get a good bottle of bourbon. We really like Bulleit Bourbun, it has no smokeyness and great to sip on its own as an avec.

Light rum

The rum on the picture is Owney’s rum and a fantastic bottle. Get a light bottle of rum avalible in your local liqour store maybe a Bacardi or Havanna Club.


A sweet liqueur with taste of orange and lemon. Cointreau is a classic in many recipes.

Sweet Vermouth

We always have a bottle of Antica Formula in our bar. Its a fantastic sweet red vermouth.


This is one of our favourite liqueur with taste of cherry pits and pine. Luxardo Maraschino is one of the best.

Angostura Bitter

Angustura Bitter with last very long as you only use a few drops each time. Not necessary but very tasty.


A well stocked bar always has fresh lime and lemon. You need to squeeze them yourself. It cannot be substituted with bottled juice. Trust us. The zest can also be fantastic garnish.

Simple syrup

Simple syrup you do easy yourself. Mix equal parts crystal sugar with water and heat until the sugar dissolves (don’t bring to boil). Cool and keep in the fridge in a bottle or jar. Will last may weeks.



Are you from Sweden? - we got something extra for you

Vi tänkte dela med oss av de flaskor vi rekommenderar från Systembolaget med varunummer.

  • Bulleit Bourbon #570
  • Beefeeter Gin #39
  • Noble Selected Rom #707
  • Cointreau #609
  • Antica Formula #77908
  • Luxardo Marashinolikör #80738
  • Angostura Bitter #741




The star of tonight is a Daiquiri, maybe one of the most simple cocktails to make. By shaking rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup a refreshing and slightly sweet drink is created. What's in it 1,5 oz light rum 1,0 oz fresh lime juice 0,5 oz simple syrup (or more or...

White Lady

White Lady

The White Lady is one of those instant great drinks. Made with only three of the most common ingredients in a bar, basically anyone should be able to shake up a White Lady. As usual with this few-ingredients-type-of-cocktail, it's extra nice to use high quality...

Martinez – the Martini precursor

Martinez – the Martini precursor

The Martinez cocktail is an old cocktail that was described in the 1884 The Modern Bartender's Guide by O. H. Byron. The book's second name is "Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them". The Martinez is described as "Same as Manhattan, only you substitute gin for whisky"....

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour

  Whiskey Sour is a common drink, available at basically every bar all over the world. But that fact doesn't make this cocktail less interesting. The combination of the strong whiskey, the lemon juice and the simple syrup to balance everything is mouthwatering....

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