Twice in the Night

Made with Bolivian products, Twice In The Night is a spectacular cocktail.

Suit & Tai

Shaken as a tribute to Matthias Soberon, organizer of the much appreciated yearly cocktail event Secret Santé.

Monet’s Moment

Complex, yet approachable. This is Monet’s Moment by Erik Lorincz.


A luxurious classic, made with Cognac and orange liqueur.

Solera Sidecar – from Death & CO

Solera Sidecar – from Death & CO

Once again we turn to Death & CO's excellent book, for an inspirational new recipe. And this time we decided to try their twist on the classic Sidecar. Death & CO alters it by substituting cointreau with the more potent grand marnier, adding both sherry and...

Brandy Crusta

Brandy Crusta

So, using cognac in cocktails is not overly common. The Sidecar is of course an iconic cognac-cocktail most know of, but this time we wanted to try a "Brandy Crusta". It has similarities with a sidecar, but the brandy crusta uses maraschino liqueur as sweetener...

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