Test Pilot

by | Jul 29, 2017


We found the recipe for the Test Pilot cocktail in Bar Canon’s wonderful book. It says the drink can be served either in a rocks glass or in a tiki mug. Well, we decided to go tiki as the sun is really shining outside. We crushed ice in an electric mixer, we peeled two representative leaves of an artichoke, we added pineapple-decorated straws and we used enamel mugs bought at Selfridges in London. Yes, we’re quite pleased with the end result. The absinthe really defines this drink so don’t leave it out even if the small amount might seem neglectable, you do want that licorice flavor in the cocktail!

1,5 oz dark rum
0,75 oz light rum
0,75 oz Falernum
0,5 oz triple sec
0,5 oz lime juice
0,125 (1/8) oz absinthe
3 dashes Angostura bitters
Shake all ingredients with ice, strain and pour.


DSC 0442 Test Pilot

DSC 0444 Test Pilot

DSC 0464 Test Pilot

DSC 0484 Test Pilot

DSC 0488 Test Pilot

DSC 0496 Test Pilot

DSC 0522 Test Pilot


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