The Brave

by | Mar 28, 2017


With so many nice ingredients it must be amazing we thought – and it was! The Brave cocktail from B T Parsons’s book “Amaro%name The Brave” is a drink made with both tequila and mezcal, and this means the cocktail gets both the sweetness and the smokiness associated with these two spirits. But then there is also the amaro Averna and some Grand Marnier to mellow things a bit. Suggested garnish is a flamed orange zest. This cocktail is not supposed to be chilled but enjoyed at room temperature. We have to admit we stirred it with ice though…

1 oz mezcal
1 oz tequila
0,5 oz amaro Averna
1 barspoon Grand Marnier
3 mists (or drops) Angostura bitters
Combine everything in a wine glass and swirl. (Or stir with ice like we did).


DSC 0085 The Brave

DSC 0109 The Brave

DSC 0112 The Brave

DSC 0114 The Brave

DSC 0121 The Brave

DSC 0122 The Brave

DSC 0148 The Brave


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