An autumn cocktail, that we made during spring. This is the Shipwrecked cocktail.

Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique

This mezcal based drink is both characteristic, messy and loud – but in the most wonderful of ways!

Two Coupes Detour

We just met cocktail enthusiasts Tiffany and Joe in New York City. Find out here what cocktail recipe this inspired us to create.

Blank Slate

The Blank Slate by Sean Hord is a Jägermeister driven cocktail.

Analogue’s Gin & Juice

The Gin & Juice from Analogue in NYC is a very refreshing yet elegant cocktail.

Applewood Negroni

Can you smoke anything? Our answer is almost. A smoking gun is really cool to work with and we have previously smoked cod, tomato and popcorn. Hence the time was come to smoke our first cocktail!

We wanted to try a...

Albahaca Flor

It might look like a Basil Smash but it's actually an Albahaca Flor.

We found the recipe online, on a Swedish list of fabulous summer drinks. Now when winter has heavily hit Sweden we are slightly longing for summer again we...

Del Rio Cocktail

Normally we prefer mezcal over tequila, but when we found the recipe for Del Rio on we knew it was time to break a bottle of tequila. Apart from that, there is also sherry and elderflower liqueur in this cocktail, along...

Remember the Maine

This is a cocktail for lovers of rye. We are using Bulleit's rye, it's high on character and even the bottle itself looks good! In Remember the Maine the rye is mixed with a couple of peculiar ingredients. First of all, absint,...

Matcha Sour Cocktail

We bought a tiny jar of matcha green tea powder in London.

Matcha is actually quite expensive, but a little goes a long way. Less than a teaspoon creates an intensely green cocktail, making it look more of a potion. However,...

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