Bicycle Thief

Bicycle Thief – is what Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin and Abraham Hawkins call this joint-effort creation.


We love clear cocktails like the Ephemeral. What might look like a coupe of water immediately surprises you on the first sip.


The Aperol colours the Cuzco in a very nice way. This subtle pale orange tone is so flattering to any cocktail, it looks immediately delicious we think.

The Stark

The Stark is a delicious mix of bourbon, yellow Chartreuse and honey syrup.

Into Great Silence

The cocktail by JP Fetherston is called Into Great Silence and it’s one of the most smashing cocktails we’ve ever made.

Beautiful drinks cabinet

This weekend we are guests at a dinner party. The hosts have a beautiful drinks cabinet. Its content could produce a classic "French 75" without a problem.


Finally got our hands on some violet liqueur and were able to make a classic "Aviation". Its pale blu color really resembles a cloudy sky. If you like gin, this...

Ruby – Copenhagen

Of course cool and trendy Copenhagen in Denmark is home to a bar. Ruby is ranked #34 on the list and is actually the only Scandinavian bar on the list. Hopefully...

Pharmarium – Stockholm

At Pharmarium in Stockholm they make this cocktail called "Imaginarium". It's a vodka and amaro based drink with violet pearls served on a spoon in the middle of the drink. It's one...

Le Lion – Hamburg

Time to try another award winning bar. On Bar Le Lion in Hamburg is ranked #19. The bar has been on the list for many years - completely understandable in...

Artesian – London

It's been an exciting day as we were finally able to visit's top ranked #1 bar Artesian. So the big question is to be answered; is this truly the best...

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