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Almost Famous

A cocktail with a very vibrant color thanks to the Aperol in it. This is the Almost Famous drink.

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Dark Old Fashioned

An Old Fashioned made with scotch. Slightly different, much enjoyable.

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Koffie & Tonic

A quite cool cocktail which mixes genever, cold brew coffee and tonic. This is Koffie & Tonic!

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Old Fashioned

The classic of classics; the Old Fashioned cocktail.

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North to Alaska

A drink suggested for New Year’s Eve, that we anyway had in October. The North to Alaska can be enjoyed all year around.

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Whisky Highball

Simple, yet so lively and interesting. The Whisky Highball is a classic for a reason.

Cocktails in Kyoto & Osaka

During our trip to Japan we had a few nights in Kyoto. A beautiful city with friendly people and a lot of culture and history. Of cause we visited a few good bars that we found either through online research or from recommendations.

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