Cocktail Detour

For the love of cocktails, traveling and exquisite bareware


fogsvans 66 400x250 Cocktail Detour


A coffee tasting cocktail to kicks off the weekend.

bella sour 37 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Bella’s Sour

Made with Bella’s sloe liqueur, this labour of love turns into a fantastic cocktail.

pegu club 14 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Pegu Club

The classic Pegu Club cocktail tastes extra delicious with this fantastic gin.

the drum roll 28 400x250 Cocktail Detour

The (D)rum Roll

A cooling rum drink, perfect for warmer days. Plus it’s very easy to make.

Cocktails in Kyoto & Osaka

During our trip to Japan we had a few nights in Kyoto. A beautiful city with friendly people and a lot of culture and history. Of cause we visited a few good bars that we found either through online research or from recommendations.

Logga guld start 150 Cocktail Detour

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