Cocktail Detour

For the love of cocktails, traveling and exquisite bareware


conan the rhubarbian 37 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Conan the Rhubarbian

Apart from the hilarious name, this cocktail is also really, really tasty!

bending blades 50 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Bending Blades

Tequila and Suze come together in this summery cocktail.

pendennis cocktail 23 400x250 Cocktail Detour


We made this cocktail using Swedish Hellström Gin from Gotland.

brown derby 82 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Brown Derby

A classic and very versatile recipe. This is a Brown Derby.

french car 22 400x250 Cocktail Detour

French Car

This Sidecar riff is made using white whiskey and rhubarb syrup.

Cocktails in Kyoto & Osaka

During our trip to Japan we had a few nights in Kyoto. A beautiful city with friendly people and a lot of culture and history. Of cause we visited a few good bars that we found either through online research or from recommendations.

Logga guld start 150 Cocktail Detour

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