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top up 28 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Top Up

An original mocktail, made with Gnista non-alcoholic spirit. We present: Top Up.

vasastan vesper 4 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Vasastan Vesper

Vasastan Vesper is an original recipe by Cocktail Detour, made with Åhus akvavit, chocolate liqueur and sherry.

mary pickford 11 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Mary Pickford

A classic cocktail, partially made with a new ingredient. This is a Mary Pickford made with ginger rum.

grow ni 11 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Grow Ni

A Negroni riff made with an exceptional gin – “Ferdinand’s” made of Riesling grapes.

water lemon 1 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Water Lemon

We love the pale blue color of this Water Lemon cocktail.

midway fuji 11 400x250 Cocktail Detour

Midway Fuji

A simple yet so complex cocktail, this time made with Italian Malfy gin.

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