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A glass sent from a new friend, from across the ocean – inspired us to create this cocktail.

Devil’s Barrel

This cocktail is very much in season now during autumn. The whisky base means it’s a boozy and dark drink, that you’d want to sip on slowly.

21st Century

A tequila version of a classic 21st Century. Developed by Jim Meehan.

Friûl Libar

An amaro cocktail, the Friûl Libar is an interesting one. Very delicious, and very graceful.

Jai Alai Special

Two whole limes, in one single cocktail? Yep, this is the Jai Alai Special.

The Penicillin

This is The Penicillin, made with Naked Grouse. It's a rather spectacular cocktail where the scotch is paired with both ginger and honey.



Eclipse is a ruby red agave cocktail by Leo Robitschek.


Penumbra Ripple

This is a Cocktail Detour original recipe for a sophisticated and elegant whisky cocktail.


Bingin Nun

The Bingin Nun is a bright yellow agave drink, with a hint of green Chartreuse in it.


Old Alhambra

Just a tiny splash of chocolate liqueur makes the Old Alhambra one of the sweetest cocktails.



The name might be short and easy, but the cocktail is long and complex.

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