Charlie Chaplin

The Charlie Chaplin cocktail dates back from before 1920, and originates from New York’s Waldorf-Astoria.


The Tailwind has a rather unusual cocktail ingredient in it; Madeira. However, this turns out to be the shining star of this beautiful drink.

Sunset at Gowanus

We’ve chosen to disguise a Sunset at Gowanus, by Alex Day, as a tiki cocktail. Because all that rum, Chartreuse and lime definitely evoke tropical feelings!

Exile in Ryeville

The Exile in Ryeville cocktail, found in Brad Thomas Parsons’s book Bitters, is a twist on a classic Sidecar.


This original cocktail we ended up with is rather bitter, in a gorgeous way. Funny enough the bitter notes are not only coming from the gin but also from the clementine juice which has a certain bitterness to it.


We call this original cocktail "Conflate", and we make it with Naked Grouse scotch and prune juice!



The Effervescence is truly low ABV, so you can actually sip more than one. And chances are you want to, this is a delicious cocktail.



An intensely orange cocktail, thanks to that saffron gin and fresh carrot juice. We proudly present our original Ineffable!



Madeleine Solo Rapp is the creator of this gorgeous mezcal cocktail, which she named after a street in San Francisco - Masonic


Conspiracy Theory

There is Swedish punsch in the Conspiracy Theory cocktail. It's quite awesome, and also contains sloe gin and triple sec.

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