Cocktail Detour

For the love of cocktails, traveling and exquisite bareware


One Olive Left

One Olive Left – a Cocktail Detour original recipe made with olive gin and chili liqueur.

Emerald Toucan

A bird of paradise – this is, the much drinkable, Emerald Toucan.

Fernet Buck

In the Fernet Buck long-drink deliciously bitter Fernet-Branca is the star, perfectly backed up by sweet and stingy ginger beer.

Apple Business

An apple and honey based cocktail. Very smooth and flavorful. This is Apple Business.

Loisaida Avenue

A tequila- and mezcal based cocktail, by Leo Robitschek. This is the Loisaida Avenue.

Cocktail Detour’s Vintage Barware Shop

Our love for vintage barware is channeled in our tiny online shop. Here you will find a curated selection of unique barware gems. Usually we only have one in stock of each item displayed. We ship all over EU, but if you live outside Europe send us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

Cocktail Detour Gold

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