Bicycle Thief

Bicycle Thief – is what Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin and Abraham Hawkins call this joint-effort creation.


We love clear cocktails like the Ephemeral. What might look like a coupe of water immediately surprises you on the first sip.


The Aperol colours the Cuzco in a very nice way. This subtle pale orange tone is so flattering to any cocktail, it looks immediately delicious we think.

The Stark

The Stark is a delicious mix of bourbon, yellow Chartreuse and honey syrup.

Into Great Silence

The cocktail by JP Fetherston is called Into Great Silence and it’s one of the most smashing cocktails we’ve ever made.

A(i)nt no S(c)herry

A(i)nt no S(c)herry - that's what we decided to call this Cocktail Detour original. It takes full advantage of the deliciousness of Maraschino liqueur and cherries as well as dry...


Mestizo is a wonderful cocktail. Boozy, flavorful and interesting. Deliciously orange, smoky and refreshing


Black Manhattan

The Black Manhattan, a riff of one of the world's most famous and iconic cocktails.


The Invisible Skier

We decided to call this original cocktail The Invisible Skier. It's a milk cocktail gone vegan as we used almond milk as the base.



It's winter time, and making a classic Alaska cocktail seems s(n)o(w) fitting. A cocktail doesn't get more simple than this - just two ingredients, three if you also count the...

Roman Holiday

The Roman Holiday might not sound like a winter cocktail, but look close in the ingredients list and you'll see the chili liqueur. And when this spicy spirit is combined...

20th Century

What it lacks in colour is well compensated in flavour. It's the combination of the tart gin and the sweet chocolate liqueur that defines the 20th Century and make it...


Let's kick off this new year, called 2018, with our new year resolutions and the Jitterbug cocktail containing exactly what's needed after yesterday's celebrations, fresh coffee!

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