by | Apr 3, 2019

We are so excited about these new glasses. The layered effect is so fun to make use of, so we wanted a see through cocktail to take full advantage of the glass effect.⁣

The Chicago is kind of a classic recipe, but we have actually never made it before – which is surprising considering there’s both Cognac and Champagne in it which equals deliciousness.⁣

It’s a very social cocktail this one given the luxurious ingredients. It’s nice to sip on in the company of others who also enjoy these well-known French bottles.⁣




2 oz Cognac⁣
a dash of orange liqueur⁣
a dash och Angostura bitters⁣


Stir the first three ingredients with fresh ice and fine strain into a coupe. Top up with ice cold Champagne.



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