Bikini Bottom

A tropical treat made extra delightful thanks to the pineapple rum and the amaro. The crushed ice makes this drink extra refreshing, and the smoky scotch on top is so cool!

Pastry War

A tongue tingling combination of smoky mezcal and sweet chocolate liqueur that challenge your tastebuds in a most spectacular way.

Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall

Love Makes You Feel Ten Feet Tall – a cocktail with gin, pisco, Aperol and Punt e Mes.


Featured for the second time – by accident. This is the Cuevas cocktail by Dane Barca.

May Daisy

May Daisy, by Phil Ward is a Cognac based cocktail, with green Chartreuse and lemon as partners.

Sloe And Unsteady

A very red cocktail, thanks to that sloe gin. This is the Sloe And Unsteady by Jessica Sanders.


Foreign National

This drink is called Foreign National, and it is composed by Adam Fortuna and Eric Johnson.


Floppy Disk

The Floppy Disk by Jenner Cormier is a low ABV cocktail flirting with the nineteen eighties in the most delicious ways.


Sweet Talking Son

The Sweet Talking Son cocktail gets such a vibrant colour from the brandy and the Peychaud's.


Sweep The Leg

A lot of measuring to be made here, but if you persist you are rewarded with a tiki like cocktail bursting with flavors. This is Sweep The Leg.



Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is the tongue twisting name of this gorgeous cocktail by Marcovaldo Dionysos. It gets its pale pink colour thanks to the mix of orgeat and Peychaud's.


Coupe De Ville

A cocktail made with beer? Yep, that's exactly what the funky Coupe De Ville is!


Street & Flynn Special

A spicy highball, yet very refreshing to drink. The Street & Flynn Special cocktail by Joseph Schwartz is a perfect spring sipper.

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