Rhubarb Gimlet

by | Aug 18, 2020


A week ahead before mixing this, a good amount of finely chopped (but uncooked) rhubarbs are added to a bottle of gin. Let it sit for 5-7 days, and move it around a bit daily. The gin picks up a surprisingly large amount of flavour from the rhubarbs, and on top of that also a lot of gorgeous pink colour. Thanks Mathin Lundgren for suggestion this way of infusing.⁠

The infused gin is then used in a classic Gimlet. Kind of a gin sour which is fantastic in its original form, but amazing when using the rhubarb infused gin.⁠

Rhubarb Gimlet



2,5 oz rhubarb infused gin⁠
0,5 oz fresh lime juice⁠
0,5 oz simple syrup⁠


Shake all ingredients with fresh ice and strain into a coupe or a rocks glass with a big ice cube inside.⁠


coupe or rocks glass

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