Omaka – beer and food

by | Sep 2, 2020


Today Omaka open their beer hangout and contemporary restaurant in the middle of Stockholm. ⁠

Master brewer Hedda Spendrup brews the beer in the very same building, and on your way in and out of the restaurant you get a good glimpse of those massive steel tanks. It’s a very authentic and super local experience indeed. There are around 5-10 beers to choose from, and they are served in small enough pours to allow you to try more than one during an evening. Our favorite was “Peppar Peppar” with a pleasant taste of mango paired with two different peppers.⁠

The awesome food menu you pair the beer with is composed by chef Christian Siberg and it’s a joy from start to beginning. Portion sizes are small to medium, so you’re encouraged to try several and also to share them if you’d like. Everything we had tasted phenomenal, and the presentation is phenomenal. All dishes simply look smashing.⁠

Finally a word about the decor. The rough almost industrial exterior of the building smoothens as soon as you get inside, finding yourself in what could be best described as a living room. Cosy, muted, welcoming and a bit playful. You feel immediately at home in this living room for sure.⁠

Omaka is so ready for taking bookings. Be sure to experience it if you’re a Stockholmer, or if you are ever visiting the capital of Sweden.⁠

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