The Effervescence is truly low ABV, so you can actually sip more than one. And chances are you want to, this is a delicious cocktail.


An intensely orange cocktail, thanks to that saffron gin and fresh carrot juice. We proudly present our original Ineffable!

La Rosa Louisiane

This cocktail is boozy, herbal and bitter. And we love it!!


Madeleine Solo Rapp is the creator of this gorgeous mezcal cocktail, which she named after a street in San Francisco – Masonic

Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing

What made it catch our interest was mainly that huge amount of Angostura bitters in it, a full half of an ounce!

Artesian – London

It's been an exciting day as we were finally able to visit www.worlds50bestbars.com's top ranked #1 bar Artesian. So the big question is to be answered; is this truly the best bar in the world?


Enter through the hotel

Slightly surprising,...

Dandelyan – London

Herbal extracts and plant based ingredients is the signature of relatively new Dandelyan bar in London. The concept seems to be at hit and on www.worlds50bestbars. com the bar is currently ranked #50.

Because of the ingredients used, cocktails are very aromatic and...

Dorsia – Gothenburg

Can a cocktail bar be cute?

Bar Dorsia in Gothenburg is probably best described as cute. The red and purple velvet interior matches the colorful cocktails perfect. The subtle drink list focuses on Champagne cocktails, but also include several other options.


Jones & CO – Antwerp

In Belgian Antwerp, the small bar Jones & CO is found. Run by a young and promising bartender this bar specializes in gin & tonic's. But they also do classic cocktails such as the Mai Tai.

During our days in Belgium we actually...


Letting the guests pour their own cocktails could be fun. Here we prepared decorated glassware and suggested a Dillon's ginger bitter. Choice of spirit however was up to the guests.


Ever heard of a Porthole?

It's a specially designed container for making cocktail infusions. Add ingredients such as citrus fruits, herbs and spices before filling the Porthole with spirit of your choice. Let the mixture rest a bit and then enjoy. Apart from great taste the...

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