Not so strong on alcohol, just delightful to sip on – this is the Bamboo.

Reincarnation of Anthony Edwards

A cocktail similar to the last one we posted. But still so different. This is the Reincarnation of Anthony Edwards.

Anthony Edwards

Gooseberries and chervil in a cocktail? Yes, they combine nicely on the Anthony Edwards drink.

Snake Eyes

An akvavit cocktail – with chocolate inside. Delicious!

Apple Press

Apple Cider Vinegar is what makes this drink stand out.

Pisco Sour

Pisco is not the easiest spirit to find in Sweden, but we bought a bottle at well stocked in New York during a recent travel. Yesterday we did a classic "Pisco Sour" and were surprised by the fruitiness of this South...

Pharmarium – Stockholm

Bar Pharmarium in Stockholm's Old Town is a true gem!

Set in a pharmacy-like environment the bar transports its guests to a world of potent elixirs,  herbs and smoke. We've been here several times, but as the menu recently changed it was...


Today is a fantastic summer day to try out a cocktail that has been on our mind since my last visit to Phamarium in Stockholm. On their 'International' part of their cocktail menu is Chrysanthemum. The cocktail first known from Hugo Ensslin's book Recipes...

A bottle of Cynar

We picked up a bottle of Cynar at the government run liquor store today. We became intrigued after reading about it and bought it to make a mezcal cocktail. Cynar, a herbal bitter liqueur infused with thirteen herbs and plants, where one...

Last of the Oaxacans

Exploring our new discovered taste for Mezcal and we found a recipe after googling on Mezcal cocktails on Serious Eats.

Lovely take on Last Word which is one of our favorite cocktail all categories. It's not comparable to it but...

Maison Premiere – New York

So excited to finally visit #23 on for both cocktails and oysters. Maison Premiere in New York's Williamsburg is definately one of the best bars we've been to. The combination of exquisite cocktails and top quality oysters and shellfish is...

Canoe – Toronto

High up in the Toronto sky is Canoe, being both a restaurant and skybar.

As this was our last night in town we decided to have the full experience, a tasting menu and some cocktails.



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