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A glass sent from a new friend, from across the ocean – inspired us to create this cocktail.

Devil’s Barrel

This cocktail is very much in season now during autumn. The whisky base means it’s a boozy and dark drink, that you’d want to sip on slowly.

21st Century

A tequila version of a classic 21st Century. Developed by Jim Meehan.

Friûl Libar

An amaro cocktail, the Friûl Libar is an interesting one. Very delicious, and very graceful.

Jai Alai Special

Two whole limes, in one single cocktail? Yep, this is the Jai Alai Special.

Kantine Kohlmann – Berlin

Having cocktails outside, during the last weeks of summer is simply unbeatable, we visited the cocktail bar Kantine Kohlman in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

At Kantine Kohlmann's bar we tried four different cocktails. Of particular interest was a cocktail called "Nieto's Date", it's...

Solbeso – a new spirit

During a guided craft cocktail tour in New York we were recommended by our guide to buy a spirit we'd never heard of before; Solbeso.

The pale yellow bottle contains a clear spirit based on fresh cacao fruit. But hold on, this...

Royal Gold

The Royal Gold! We wanted to use Orgeat syrup in a cocktail and found inspiration at Absolut. The cocktail brought together vodka, almond, pineapple and ginger. The taste ended up being too spicy from the ginger ginger...

Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails

One of our cocktail books taken out most often is Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails by Ted Haigh. This book is a treasure cove for fans of the American 1920's cocktail era. Most recipes in the book are very valid also today,...

Pastis Tomate

We have a love-hate relationship with Pastis. The anise and licorice flavors are somewhat overwhelming but with the sweetness its highly enjoyable. Pastis hit the shelfs in 1932 some years after Absint been band.

Its often dilutet with water and...

Industry Sour

We found a recipe for a cocktail called Industry Sour. It resembles a classic "The Last Word" a lot. However gin is substituted with Fernet-Branca and Maraschino liqueur is substituted with regular simple syrup. The taste is actually...

Book: Liquid Intelligence

Now it gets really nerdy.

Liquid Intelligence by Dave Arnold is probably one of the most technically advanced cocktail books available. The byline of the book actually is "The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail". There are not a lot...

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