Brace Position

The Swedish cherries are here, and we wanted that to permeate this post. While not using the cherries in the actual cocktail they made a perfect side snack to be enjoyed together with the drink.

Assembly Cocktail

Cognac in cocktails – yes we think it works really well. There is something luxurious with Cognac isn’t there, just like with Champagne.

Lido Shuffle

Bubbly, pale pink, low ABV – what more could you ask for a hot summer day in Sweden?


This cocktail was boozy, complex and elegant. Perhaps more of an autumn or winter cocktail, we still didn’t mind sipping it on a beautiful summer evening.


This recipe uses Amer Picon which is a bittersweet French orange-flavored aperitif. It is a common bottle throughout Europe, less so in the USA.

The Aviary – Chicago

When in Chicago we just had to return to amazing, and very innovative bar The Aviary. This bar is currently ranked #29 on prestigious and is so deserving all attention. Cocktails on the pictures features ingredients such as hibiscus, merengue...

Görväln – Stockholm

Görväln, just outside of Stockholm is actually a castle. Here you could stay the night in the nicest rooms ever and have dinner at the venue's award-winning restaurant.

The attached bar is small, but still well equipped with focus on high...

William Barnacle Tavern – New York

So far we've used absinth in cocktails, but never had it the original way diluted with running water over a sugar cube.

Well this was to change during a guided craft cocktail tour in New York. Accompanied by experienced food blogger...

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog – New York

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog is the second best bar (#2) according to

And we did like it a lot! There was a thirty minute wait before we could get in, but well worth the wait it was. The...

Sweetwater Social – New York

At Sweetwater Social in New York we tried these peanut-based cocktails. Almost dessert-like, they were an awesome final to an awesome evening.



Mace – New York

Being back in New York we got the chance to visit Mace, ranked #38 on This turned out to be one of our greatest bar experiences ever!


The twelve spices

All twelve cocktails on the menu are named after the dominant...

Alcohol free

On a Sunday, the day before you start at a new workplace, mocktails is the way to go.

Thai restaurant Waan Thai in the heart of Stockholm serve these fruity and eye-catching creations. The are the perfect companion with a fragrant...

20hundra5 – Stockholm

At bar 20hundra5 in Stockholm cocktails are accompanied by retro Nintendo games.

We enjoyed our drinks with a Mario Kart 64 racing game =)

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