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Naked & Famous

Thanks to the Aperol this cocktail gets a very appealing orange/pink color. The taste however is more dominated by the smoky mezcal, a spirit that we love, so this is definitely our type of cocktail.

Gin Lane

It is a sour type of cocktail indeed, but of course that orgeat and also the ginger ale take away some of the acidity, making sure the Gin Lane is a well balanced and delicious cocktail in the end.

Almond Espresso Martini

There is a lot of coffee flavour in this one, but it is also nicely complemented by Italian Amaretto liqueur contributing with an almond touch.

Mulata Daisy

What you notice immediately on the first sip is the licorice notes coming from both the fennel seeds and the Galliano liqueur. It creates a very interesting profile of the drink, and we are already in love with fennel seeds as a cocktail ingredient.

Blushing Mary

The Blushing Mary is a delicious twist on the classic Bloody Mary. But instead of using tomato juice a combination of muddled cherry tomatoes and tonic water is used to make this Mary blush rather than bleed.

The Gift Shop

So why is it called The Gift Shop? Well no clues are given in the book so we can only speculate. Could it be a metaphor for the feeling of entering a gift shop? Excitement, happiness and high expectations?

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