Not so strong on alcohol, just delightful to sip on – this is the Bamboo.

Reincarnation of Anthony Edwards

A cocktail similar to the last one we posted. But still so different. This is the Reincarnation of Anthony Edwards.

Anthony Edwards

Gooseberries and chervil in a cocktail? Yes, they combine nicely on the Anthony Edwards drink.

Snake Eyes

An akvavit cocktail – with chocolate inside. Delicious!

Apple Press

Apple Cider Vinegar is what makes this drink stand out.

20hundra5 – Stockholm

At bar 20hundra5 in Stockholm cocktails are accompanied by retro Nintendo games.

We enjoyed our drinks with a Mario Kart 64 racing game =)


Beautiful drinks cabinet

This weekend we are guests at a dinner party. The hosts have a beautiful drinks cabinet. Its content could produce a classic "French 75" without a problem.



Finally got our hands on some violet liqueur and were able to make a classic "Aviation". Its pale blu color really resembles a cloudy sky. If you like gin, this cocktail should be a fovourite.


To make one, just shake...

Ruby – Copenhagen

Of course cool and trendy Copenhagen in Denmark is home to a bar. Ruby is ranked #34 on the list and is actually the only Scandinavian bar on the list. Hopefully there will be a Swedish or Norwegian bar on the list...

Pharmarium – Stockholm

At Pharmarium in Stockholm they make this cocktail called "Imaginarium". It's a vodka and amaro based drink with violet pearls served on a spoon in the middle of the drink. It's one of those instant hit cocktails you get to sample every now...

Le Lion – Hamburg

Time to try another award winning bar. On Bar Le Lion in Hamburg is ranked #19. The bar has been on the list for many years - completely understandable in our opinion.


Home of "The Basil Smash"

Bar owner Jörg...

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