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Howl on the Hill Cocktail

These kind of brown drinks are often based on bourbons or ryes, but the Howl on the Hill is actually a rum cocktail. We used Angostura 1919, but most likely any good quality dark rum will work brilliantly in this cocktail.

Zaza Cocktail

Zaza Cocktail is another classic cocktail you find in many cocktail books and is a combination of Gin and Dubonnet. The history of Dubonnet starts 1846 when the chemist Joseph Dubonnet in an effort to make French Foreign Legionnaires drink quinine to battle malaria in North Africa. Since quinine is very bitter he blended it with fortified wine and herbs and the Dubonnet aperitif was born.

Tuxedo Cocktail

When a regular dry martini doesn’t excite you enough, the Tuxedo Cocktail offers some more complexity and some additional flavors.

Scandinavian Leather Cocktail

  The Scandinavian Leather is a beautifully green cocktail, made with fresh cucumber juice and cucumber stripes as decoration. The recipe is from Oskar Kinberg's "Cocktail Cookbook". It's an unusual cocktail as it's based on aquavit (hence the name of the...

Vieux Carré Cocktail

This is the "Vieux Carré" made of rye, Cognac, sweet vermouth, Bénédictine and bitters. It's one of those classic cocktails that many have tried or heard of, but it's still a very interesting and tempting drink. It gets a dark rich color from the sweet vermouth and...

Queen’s Cocktail

The classics are the best, now we try Queen’s Cocktail from Harry Craddocks legendary “The Savoy Cocktail Book” from 1930. The Queen’s Cocktail is a White Lady with Absint. At first it sounds strange but it works wonders. A must try!

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