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Fourth Regiment Cocktail

The Fourth Regiment Cocktail is from the book “The Gentleman’s Companion: Being an Exotic Drinking Book Or, Around the world with Jigger, Baker and Flask”, originally from the 1930s.

Brooklyn Cocktail

A Manhattan is likely to be one of the most well known and famous cocktails throughout the world. However there are other New York borough based cocktails, and this time we will stir a Brooklyn cocktail. Just like a Manhattan it's based around whiskey (we use...

Jack With One Eye Cocktail

  The Jack With One Eye cocktail might not be the most photogenic in the world, being so brown. But this is a truly delicate drink from Scott McCallum's & Victoria Walsh's book Canadian Cocktails. Made with freshly brewed coffee and Canadian whisky, it's no...

Deadpan Fix Cocktail

  The Deadpan Fix is another cocktail from Death & Co's black book. This drink is by Jessica Gonzalez and was created in 2011. It's an interesting cocktail as it combines two rather bitter ingredients, Campari and grapefruit juice. Then to further spice...

San Francisco Treat

We were looking for an after dinner drink and stumbled upon San Francisco Treat from Thomas Parsons Amaro bible.

Ogopogo Sour Cocktail

This is pretty cocktail Ogopogo Sour Cocktail from Scott McCallum’s & Victoria Walsh’s Canadian Cocktails.

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